Take a “Byte” out of Crime!

We are protected by the Information Decency Act of 1996 as a third level information provider, and keep our money in an overseas trust fund to prevent attorneys lawyers from accessing our assets. If you fear law suits or embarrassment, don’t use your real name or your face for your avatar.

Improving technology means criminals are becoming more sophisticated, and we all have the obligation to do the same. Skimmers, used in ATM machines to steal your identity, scanners, which can steal information from a chip on your credit/debit card when concealed in a purse or back pack from 10 feet away, are very problematic. High resolution scanners make it impossible to prosecute forgery thieves, especially with a collapsing and over-worked criminal justice system. You are usually the victims, like so many, of identity theft from people with a Spanish name and they will steal your tax return money right after January 1, well before the April 15 deadline, then the IRS comes after you if you owe money that was stolen. The derivatives never went away, and the same banks who forced their employees to steal signatures for failed loans were not prosecuted, but rewarded with bail-out money and bonuses they sit on as fewer loans are given out because of the many, in most cases because of no fault of their own, who have bad credit.

This happened to me twice in nursing homes, because as a cancer survivor, though only 53 years old and extremely sharp (but epileptic with cancer), they know patients they steal from have no credibility in court. The judges, hospitals are over-worked from the ilk of socialism, and people wind up losing everything through power of attorney to relatives and go homeless, no lawyer will take their cases, with an out-of-control suicide rate. There were doctors I never heard of who ruined my credit, my only crime was getting cancer. AOL, Earthlink, GoDaddy, 1and1, many Internet institutions (and brick and mortar has been intertwined into the information super highway for some time now) were constantly using my credit or debit card for things I did not order, and the collection agencies, who work on commission only, would not take “no” for an answer. The cops and DA are worthless, and white collar crime has always paid. But now the growing population of thieves and scam artists encompass too many people and are getting desperate, as they know the same system that protects them is losing tax revenue, so they have a “take the money and run” attitude. They can run, but they can’t hide.

We do better here than the Better Business Bureau, who give too many businesses an “A” grade that are pathetic, and most scam artists are not even licensed businesses, and the general public here can rate, vote, and comment on that which has committed indiscretions. Most Internet scammers use photos and video claiming to be someone else. A video with them holding up the URL of the website they frequent does help, as well as a scan of driver’s license and utility bill showing their name and address. Recommendations help, such as links from at least one other person who does the same as the person you want to do business with, in front of, say, a Skype video. You can check the IP address of the recipient, unless they are using private proxy servers to conceal their IP addresses (which will change geography with very few exceptions, so do look up the location of the IP address and see, when inquired, if the recipient is telling the truth about their location). Ghana scams are very common, women asking for money from men in return for more temptation and frustration. It has been said porn is the only thing that makes money on the Internet, mostly because of lonely men in a society where isolation, introversion, all from lack of trust and a bad world economy, means the overall behavior of humans in general is getting much worse. If for no other reason but abstinence and acceptance of the “hell in a hand basket” analogies, going from people who once cared, to apathetic, now to sociopathic, in control for some time now, but will fear the revolution against them, if only waged by a few, as history repeats itself. Who will fire “the shot heard ’round the world”, Minuteman Part 2?

Crypto-currency, which began with Bitcoin, is a concept that promises enforcement through encryption, not trust, decentralization of the banks, decentralization of everything, digital anarchy, with more “competition guarantees prosperity” Adam Smith philosophies, where, in general, the rich get poorer, and the poor get richer, just like in Reagan days. So the long term future looks good, but short term indiscretion will require a lot of work to overcome.

With overseas trust funds, you too can protect yourself from lawyers , government and tycoon-goons. The polarization between rich and poor has climaxed recently, as the rich pay less in taxes, the progressive tax system means nothing, as they have these same tax shelters, and give their money to socialist politicians to raise taxes on the middle-class and poor because they hate competition.

You are free to report any kind of scam you wish, creating your own topics and categories under different forums, uploading photos and embedded source code to video. Hidden video, on a hat, pen in pocket, covertly placed in parts of your house, etc., is well advised. I specialize in police tech technology, and many of you will be able to sell this equipment here, with better encrypted chips on credit cards to avoid scanners. Packet sniffers are a good legal way to spy on perpetrators, especially corrupt public officials. There will also be an attempt to scrape Internet video through the world with a sister website, as a deterrent, and to retroactively help crime and health victims with private posses and Good Samaritans.

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Most surveys, from the government or the big media, just say the opposite of the truth. Watchdogs have no bias. We will look at different results for different published surveys, and trash those that are not with the standard deviation, and average out the rest

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