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Scam Alert LogoWe can use to get the average cost of a t-shirt down to $0.99 when 500 or more are purchased, and sell them for $9.95, a $15 value, right-clicking and saving the image on left (or create your own logo), and raise money for survival of the too-many victims of a world where theft, violence, and crime in general are out of control, and civilian vigilance, better proactive than retroactive, is the only thing that works. The system is collapsing and too many convicts are being released to the streets – you could be the next victim. See and apply for seller and/or buyer status. As your broker,

  1. 35% of all transactions go to Of that:
    1. I take 25% of that amount me (Jim Wood) for labor/other Web hosting/domain registration/software cost costs
    2. 30% will be divided up and given to the first place forum winners
    3. 25% goes to the second place forum winners
    4. 20% goes to the third place forum winners.

Payments will go to me my PayPal account under the ID will allow you to create an account there and access my brokerage, a store with fluctuating prices. A pool of investors (sometimes one person) must get together at to exchange t-shirts, other items with logos, and 3D printers below.

Become an affiliate and earn cash. Contact me here if you can verify you have contributed at least $500 to the treasury, no Webpage required, but knowledge of, and create logos that are subdomains with URL’s like “” (where “joe” is you affiliate username with an HTML redirect), or I can give you a a canonical domain with a redirect to the home page – “”. You will win 50% of all advertising revenue generated here.

With contributions to a pool of sellers here, and that’s where chain letters through opt-in e-mail help, sent to everyone in your e-mail contact list (friends, relatives, possible coworkers, vendors, customers, etc.) where the pool of chain letter advertisers gets 35% of gross (the same 15% I get from the brokerage fee is gross, in addition to multi-tier affiliate advertising for e-mail, forum stickies, and podcast commercials. Making a hefty profit when you sell in bulk, and capitalize on good, cheap products from, many of you will be self-employed, competitive, tax exempt because of International laws that will not change, and laugh at the prospect of going hungry, or even working for evil tyrants. Feel free to sell logo paraphernalia and other products anyway you want. Sometimes it good to give away some of the t-shirts, even if used by some to wash their car. Sell 3D printers with an ad “3 free t-shirts with purchase of 3D printer”. The more we put into the pool for t-shirts, and other paraphernalia with our logos, the cheaper they become. The form I filled out at is similar to what you will fill out there as seller or buyer (we can vote and negotiate here at the forums to buy all that you want to from, placing an order on Friday nights if votes are approved), it will be shipped to the escrow people, and then sold here, or at your Ebay page and/or separate Webpage.

Click on the following banner to create your account: Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud

The same applies to 3D printers, where a $600 model (injection molding or laser, it is best to have both) can be bought by each one of us for under $100, cheaper than Walmart. A surplus of raw materials for the printer to modify can be sold in bulk cheap also. 3D blue prints on the Internet are free, with more coming out, including .SVG’s in metaNURB programmable format, very high quality and resolution, very quick to print, anything of any shape, size, raw material, etc. The form buyers and sellers will be introduced to will look the same as above, only with new product name.

Come up with your own logo to promote your own related website, and use and to become self-employed and successful, knowing the path to success starts with some old school and current school ways of ending the indiscreet behavior, especially on the Internet, with some peer-to-peer “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” mutual symbiosis, with more escrow, competition between prepay accounting, minimization of tax liability, and crypto-currency. When Reagan was President, the one time in my life I had to turn down job offers, the same luxury, guaranteed, will apply to all of you when the power and the evil double-standards go away.

So in a nutshell, if you want to buy or sell anything, profit immensely in ways big stores cannot, and enjoy good quality products and services with security and convenience both optimized:
1. Determine if it’s sold at, and at what volume do you have to but the products (eg. 500 t-shirts) where you minimize price per unit (eg. 99 cents per t-shirt)
2. Join, where all things will be transparent to sellers, but not buyers, unless they are the combination of the two. As a seller, contribute what you want to what in a pool of one or more sellers. What you spend is the percentage of the gross you receive
3. Inquire of buyers there and at the forums here if the current price, after one or more people have contributed to the pool, are willing to buy the product based on the current price sellers, based on a private forum vote, are willing sell them sell them per unit. A second vote of sellers is needed to determine if they should wait and network out to other sellers, and/or contribute more money to the pool to achieve minimum per unit price themselves, to get the per-unit price down to the average “bid” price at which the buyer is willing to buy the product
4. After the decision to manufacture the product on an agreed sell amount (but cost and profit are transparent to sellers, not buyers, unless some of the sellers are buyers) the broker, me, is notified, and escrow money is released to Alibaba manufacturer, and the products are produced, shipped, and will release the products to the buyers, or sellers when there is a surplus, in quantities proportionate to what they paid for and want to sell on a Web store, brick-and-mortar store, etc.